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Gaming TV LG 65LB5200 Review

08.01.2015 (10:31 am) – Filed under: gaming TV ::

LG Electronics 65LB5200 65-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

LG 65LB5200 Review

LG 65LB5200 is a mid tier LED TV that has a lot to offer in terms of picture quality as it combines the inbuilt streaming services and full HD picture quality. The key feature of LG 65LB5200 that enhances its picture quality is local dimming which helps to optimize image contrast. This model uses Triple XD image processing engine, which is well known as TruBlack Control to enhance color and production of natural images. The colors remain vibrant and very natural thus generating brilliant images. In addition, this LED TV employs its quality of High Dynamic Range dispensation to render both the dark and light parts of an image.

Product Features

  • This model has screen measurements of 54.5/8″ measured diagonally (from one corner to the other) to optimize viewing in large rooms.
  • The IPS Panel improves its side viewing angles giving a wider view, clearer images, and consistent pictures. Basically, you realize a contrast drop of about forty-five (45) degrees off the center mark.
  • To facilitate simple wall mounting, it has a VESA compliant, which is 400mm x 400mm. However, it also has a stand that allows stable placement.
  • WebOS allows you to customize the home screen on your TV to easily access and switch the applications you mostly use. It also helps you to search for new content to watch from web and content providers. With the help of webOS, you are able to pick up where you paused on your most recent applications.
  • The 3D technology, which includes two pairs of 3D glasses, allows it to deliver spectacular visuals for new dimensions of entertainment.
  • The 2.1 speaker system with inbuilt sub-woofers has Sound Sync technology and 24W output power creating immersive and dynamic sound.
  • This TV incorporates the MCI 960 technology that helps reduce distortion on fast moving pictures therefore giving clarity for sharp images especially in video games and sports.
  • The LED back-lighting along with micro-pixel control, resolution upscaler, Triple XD engine, and TruBlack control produce amazing clarity, brightness, and color details to the images taken.
  • Inbuilt Ethernet port allows you to connect your LED TV to the network at home.
  • Its 1080p display gives highly detailed images and is ideal for any content that is 1080p supported.
  • Its inputs include – one shared component on the rear, three HDMI on the side, one RS-232 mini jack at the back, and one RF antenna at its rear side.
  • Its outputs include the following: – one digital optical audio on its rear.
  • It contains three USB 2.0 ports that allow you to simply display any files that have been stored in JPEG format on the TV. Additionally, it supports firmware upgrades.
  • The Magic Remote allows you to scroll, point, click, and even speak into it to quickly locate exactly what you want.
  • Connectivity: – It has inbuilt WIFI that allows it to connect to the internet with ease.


  • IPS panel brings improves the overall quality of the images.
  • Its side angle viewing has been improved as compared to the other models produced over the previous years.
  • The inbuilt speakers produce quality sound.
  • Highly adjustable image settings make it feasible to acquire perfect calibration
  • Cinema Screen design give an almost frame-less image with thin half-inch of black transversely at the bottom and dark silver sides.
  • The back-lighting enhances dark shadow detail and light-flow through
  • The magic remote is a perfect accessory to come with this TV model.
  • It has a low input lag for the gamers


  • When in gaming image settings, it tends to produce pictures that are slightly in motion blur.
  • A majority of the free games and applications are not worth much attention
  • Camera for Finger Gestures and Skype is an additional purchase

In conclusion, the new WebOS-powered smart TV platform, IPS panel, and solid sound quality make an attractive package. However, its drawbacks are not a hindrance to those who are looking for a great sports and movie TV.

Why buy a glass computer desk?

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Z-Line Glass L-Shaped Desk

Where to find the quality/cheap/awesome/cool/ideal/ultimate/top PC desk for gamers in 2015

At some point during the computer buying process, the question of where you’ll be using your computer is likely to cross your mind. But while it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest desk you can find, a number of factors should be taken into consideration. After all, this addition will be taking up space in your home, and is going to build the environment for which you use your computer. So with a wide range of desks available, in a number of styles and budgets, just why should you consider a glass desk for your computing needs?


Glass has, in recent years, become increasingly fashionable in the home décor market. From dining tables to coffee tables, storage units and bookshelves, it has become a staple of many homes, adding a simplistic and minimalistic style to one’s living space. So when it comes to your computer, whether it be for work or play, the same is surely worth consideration.


While some may have concerns about the strength and stability of glass computer desks, the use of tempered glass has revolutionised the glass furniture market. With the use of chemical processes, the glass is toughened, its durability to withstand weight and pressure increased. Now, glass is as safe an addition to your furniture collection as its wooden counterparts, and it comes with the added stylistic bonuses.


For those who fear of the longevity of glass desks, the toughening of the glass means that many of the surfaces on the market are not only sturdy, but also scratch and glare resistant, ensuring that your desk will continue to look its best, even after years of use.


Glass computer desks come in a variety of styles, ranging from free-standing stations which provide a minimalistic effect, to wooden hubs with a glass top. Some may opt for a toughened glass surface which lays over an existing desk, bringing a new lease of life to an old piece of furniture.


But when space is a concern, a glass station brings an added bonus, with the minimalistic appearance adding space to an already overcrowded room. Whereas a wooden station may provide you with a boxed in appearance, the use of glass in computer desks serves to illustrate just how little space a work-station can use. The appearance is less solid than that of a wooden hub, providing a more airy and less claustrophobic sensation.


If you seek something to bring elegance to a study room, a frosted glass or black glass desk can add to the style. The elegance of frosted glass or black glass can easily be co-ordinated to other décor items and furnishings, providing a work space that is both luxurious and functional.


A glass computer desk may cost slightly more than its wooden counterparts, but this is a cost that can easily be justified when the stability and strength of the desk is brought into consideration. A glass computer desk really is best for your home. With stations to suit every budget and style, you’re sure to find a glass computer desk to suit your needs.